Area Report: Moving to Dundee


What can you expect from moving to Scotland’s fourth largest city?

Sitting on the beautiful northern shores of the Firth of Tay and surrounded by history and stunning wildlife, Dundee is a city where culture is rife and discovery is a certainty.

Dundee’s history is rich and fascinating – it has played host to John Balliel (a former king of Scotland), is the home and berth of Robert Scott’s RRS Discovery and is a strong claimant to the creation of marmalade.  After much investment and regeneration it is has grown into a modern, culture-rich, artistic city with continuing, growing appeal.

Amenities, nightlife and shopping in Dundee

Dundee is a city that has something to offer everyone.  The main bulk of bars, restaurants and cafes are found towards the west end of the city, predictably near to the University of Dundee’s main campus.  The city centre also has its fair share of pubs and other such establishments, coupled with the Overgate and Wellgate shopping centres, offering residents the usual high street stores including Gap, HMV and Starbucks.

For those who seek out finer dining experiences, the seaside borough of Broughty Ferry, the so-called jewel in Dundee’s crown, offers an idyllic and accessible escape from the city and is home to some excellent restaurants, bars and individual shops.

City of Dundee

Cultural and Historic Dundee

The city’s cultural quarter lies in the south.  Here you find the charming Dundee Repertory Theatre, the Sensations Science Centre and a number of arts venues, chiefly the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre.   Residents or visitors wanting to delve into the city’s history can also explore the RRS Discovery, McManus Art Galleries & Museum and Verdant Works, which offer a rich and illuminating picture of Dundee’s story.


Being a student in Dundee

With one of the largest concentrations of students per head of any population in the UK, the city’s universities are a great draw – 20,000 people can’t be wrong can they?  The universities are known for their expertise in digital technology and micro-electronics, and account for 10% of the UK’s digital entertainment industry. Those interested in these fields will be right at home.

For the most part, the natural beauty of Dundee and its neighbouring region seems to be unspoiled.  Not only is it a great cultural area it is also a wonderful place to explore.  You will find more than just ocean views and rolling hills, there are also ancient forests, rivers and moors.  So whether you’re into culture, nightlife, technology or the great outdoors, Dundee has you covered.


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