New Lettingweb Feature Announcement: Lifestyle Search


We’re pleased to unveil a new suite of research widgets that put all the information flat hunters need into one place, alongside the best new properties.

For a long time, flat hunting online has been a case of keeping several pages open at once, trying to keep track of the areas you can afford and might want to move to.

We’ve been working to help tenants across Scotland by putting more area information alongside properties, empowering flat hunters to make better decisions.

It is the first time that a lettings portal in Scotland has combined lettings information with outside sources to build a truly comprehensive list of properties for tenants on one page. Lettingweb hope to continue development on these pages with input from tenants, landlords and letting agents so that the pages contain even more information relevant to property hunters.

Lifestyle property search

At the moment, the pages feature:

–    Information on the area’s key landmarks and sites, with reviews from independent sources and photographs taken in the area

–    Listings of all restaurants, shops, bars and clubs, theatres, cinemas, parks, libraries and more that are located in the area. Once again, independent reviews are provided for these amenities and activities

–    Key property information for the area, including the most common Council Tax bands, EPC ratings and rent levels

–    Insight into how much choice there is in the market, and how much competition any tenant might face for property; provided for both the current market and as a year-round view

Steve Tigar, Lettingweb’s Managing Director, had this to say about the project:

‘Improving the way in which tenants can search for properties is a fantastic way of achieving our aim to make letting better, so to get this feature onto the site is a great achievement. We want to keep on working on these pages to help tenants, so if anyone has any ideas on how to improve them we’d love to know about it.’

Check out the pages for Edinburgh and Glasgow to see full information on what to expect when moving there.