Quiz – When will you succumb to heating up your flat?


Are you a frugal freezer or a warm wastrel? 

In the midst of this cold snap (or onset of an early winter if you’re a pessimist) we’ve been considering what makes us finally flip and turn the central heating up to full blast.

Take the quiz below to find out if you’re a frugal freezer or a warm wastrel.

1. The heating bill comes in a little over budget. Do you: 

A. Say ‘C’est la vie’ and turn up the thermostat so you can be comfortable whilst paying it
B. Try to create an itemised account of which rooms were used the most and on which day and determine who should pay accordingly
C. Say ‘Lesson learned.’  These things happen, but you’ll try to make sure that it doesn’t happen next time

2. Your favourite room to hang out in is:

A. The bathroom for lots of extra-long hot showers and baths, perfect for keeping the winter blues at bay
B. The kitchen, where you hug the cooker for any residual warmth
C. The living room, snuggled in front of the telly with a blanket

3. Going to bed, you:

A. Like the window open for all of that fresh air, but the radiator is on so you don’t get too chilly
B. Put on all of the clothing you own and hope for the best
C. Invested in a quality duvet – it pays off in the long run because your sleep shouldn’t be trifled with

4. You argue with your flatmates most over:

A. The heating bill, because it’s double the amount it should be and they think you’re to blame
B. The heating bill, because they don’t understand the complicated algorithm you’ve used to split it between them
C. What film to watch, whilst snuggled in front of the telly with a blanket

5. You’re considering getting a pet. Is it because:

A. You saw one on the walk home and thought it looked sweet
B. After working out the cost of supplies, you think it might make a cheap alternative to a water bottle
C. Something between A and B

Were your answers:

Mostly A?

You are a warm wastrel.  Frugality is not your middle name, which is fine. You might want to consider cutting back a little bit though, for the sake of your wallet and anyone who lives with you.

When are you going to turn the heating up?

It’s already at full blast, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mostly B?

You are a frugal freezer.  Maybe you err a little too much on the Scrooge side of money management. As hard as it may be, people appreciate it when you let them be comfortable for at least part of the year.

When are you going to turn the heating up?

Never. Someone else will though, which you’re going to grudgingly accept.

Mostly C?

With a level head on your shoulders, you know you’ll make the right decision on when to succumb. Sitting on that fence might get uncomfortable after a while though.

When are you going to turn the heating up?

When you get cold. When else?


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