Using Tinder to Find Flatmates


The ultra-simple dating app that’s sweeping the country promises to connect you to more people than other dating sites. So why stick to just using it for dating?

For a long time, the Internet has been the most efficient way of finding flatmates. But now Tinder may have presented an even better way to find someone to share your flat (or find someone with a flat to share).

So what’s Tinder?

In case you’ve missed the newest killer app that’s sweeping the country, Tinder is a mobile app that utilizes your Facebook account to give you a profile that consists of five pictures and a little bio that you write yourself. Tinder then finds anyone that matches your demographics within a distance that you set. The app shows you the other person’s profile and tells you if you have any friends or interests (likes on Facebook) in common.

Swipe your screen left and the person’s profile is gone – you never see them again.  If you swipe right and the other person swipes right too, you can begin chatting.

The Metro has been asking whether the app is just for hook-ups as some users apparently got confused about what to do when they started chatting. Tinder’s tag line is vague: Discover those around you.  So we figure why not discover some potential flatmates?

How to do it

1. Set up your app to look for people of a particular gender (or of both genders if you don’t care about this in a flatmate) within your city. Then write up a bio that explains that you’re looking for flatmates, not a love connection.

2. If you have a room to offer, try to include a picture of the room.

3. Then ‘like’ anyone who looks like a suitable flatmate.

Then, when you’ve completed all three steps, head over to our Facebook page and let us know how you got on.