Glasgow’s Most Upmarket Area


Where should you look for the cream of a city’s property? Lettingweb are investigating the top areas in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

In our new series we take a closer look at the most affluent areas in each of Scotland’s key cities before finally looking at the most expensive area to live in the entire country.

First up is Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest, most populace city (but, perhaps surprisingly, not even in the top two for most expensive rents). There are a couple of parts that can give Edinburgh and Aberdeen a run for their money though: City Centre and the West End. We took a look and, this summer, the West End edged it with property in G12 postcodes proving the most expensive in the city.

So, what do you get for your money in the West End? Comprising of Dowanhill, Kelvindale, Kelvinside, parts of Hillhead and the University of Glasgow’s campus, this area of town has long been known as one of Glasgow’s key cultural hubs.

The area is intersected by the Great Western Road, central to the West End. It also has the River Kelvin and Kelvingrove Park running along its eastern edge. All in all, G12 is an enticing mix of bohemian, student sensibilities and a slightly more upmarket, trendy atmosphere, which is why living there costs a premium.

West End Glasgow Properties

We took a look at Glasgow properties in the West End to see what is on offer:

2 Bedroom Flat, Glasgow Street – £895 PCM


This is a traditional tenement flat within walking distance of Byres Road. In many ways this property sums up the West End. A couple of roomy bedrooms, an extremely spacious living room and a full dining room make for an opulent place to live in Scotland’s biggest city.


View here:

1 Bedroom Flat, Winton Drive – £650 PCM


Once again, we have a high-end, comfortable apartment in Kelvinside. Completely surrounded by gardens and offering a stunning amount of room for a flat this close to town, living in this Winton Drive property is a great option if you want a great area to live in and entertain from.


View here:

Perhaps the rarified atmosphere of the West End makes it less popular, because demand for flats is actually lower than for flats in the centre of town where property tends to get let a week faster than in G12. Check out more flats to rent in Glasgow.