Lettingweb ‘s Ultimate Property Feature: Kitchens


Each week we look at the best examples of property features on our site to try to determine what the Ultimate Property would look like.

We’ll find our favourite five examples of the feature on Lettingweb.com and create a shortlist from which we’ll pick the winners for the Ultimate Property.

This week it’s the heart of the home for so many people that we’ll be looking at: the kitchen. So much more than a space for preparing food, a good kitchen can make or break a property.

Check out our top five homes for culinary enthusiasts.

5. Hyndland, Glasgow – 2 Bedrooms £895

The All Rounder


To kick off the list, here’s a property that encompasses a lot of what makes a good kitchen. There’s plenty of light and space as well as storage and kitchen tops for chopping and preparing. The table in the middle makes this an ideal area for entertaining, making this a kitchen that will be the centre of the home.

Everything in this kitchen is elegant and functional, a great area in which show off your culinary skills.


And the home isn’t too shabby; a delightful apartment in the heart of Glasgow’s trendy West End. Find out more here: http://www.lettingweb.com/3Q99FL

4. Elgin, Moray – 5 Bedrooms £1000

The Kitchen/Dining Room


Having a table in the middle of your cooking space is fine for small meals or parties, but for serious entertaining you want a serious kitchen/dining combo. That’s where this former Manse (a house formally inhabited by a minister) excels. And with a fully stocked dresser, range and over-table lighting, it contains everything any budding restaurateur needs for an evening.

It may be well hidden away in the Aberdeenshire countryside, but friends will relish visiting to sample the delights of this kitchen.


For more information on the property, view it here: http://www.lettingweb.com/2YCYCR

3. Murrayfield, Edinburgh – 4 Bedrooms £2750

The Modern Marvel


But it’s back to the city for the third kitchen on our list and back to a house that’s been featured in this series before. This Morris and Steadman designed property in Edinburgh was featured fourth on last week’s list of the top gardens on Lettingweb. This week it’s climbed to third place for a magnificently modern kitchen.

This kitchen overlooks the garden and makes the most of the view with a window running along its entire edge. That makes for a long window. The kitchen looks as if it runs on forever.


Check out the property here: http://www.lettingweb.com/5SK95M

2. Milton of Leys, Inverness – 3 Bedrooms £825

The Ultra Minimalist


And we’re off to the Highlands for the runner-up kitchen in our list, which has made the grade out of sheer originality and potential. Light and space, the hallmarks of a great kitchen, are really in abundance here; the kitchen opens directly out onto the garden as well as the rest of the house.

We weren’t even sure that this was a kitchen at first glance, which is a real testament to its minimalist authenticity. But on closer inspection, there is definitely a tap and cooker in there somewhere – whatever else you want to bring to this blank slate is up to you.


The entire house is worth a look. Do so here: http://www.lettingweb.com/G2JW9W

1. Penicuik, Midlothian – 4 Bedrooms £1700

The Country Kitchen


Call us sticklers for tradition, but it’s an old fashioned farmhouse kitchen in a stunning lodge outside Edinburgh that’s won the Ultimate Property this week. The entire house centres around this kitchen and rightly so, as its range cooker and tasteful features and fittings make it stand out.

It’s built to last as well. Like so many countryside buildings, this kitchen has the future in mind. The space in the kitchen is great for informal dining, and the extensive utilities make it equally effective for entertaining.


It’s a winner all round. View it here: http://www.lettingweb.com/4XC9RD

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