Lettingweb’s Ultimate Property Feature: Gardens


Each week we look at the best examples of property features on our site to try to determine what the Ultimate Property would look like.

We’ll find our favourite five examples of the feature on Lettingweb.com and create a shortlist from which we’ll pick the winners for the Ultimate Property.

First up are gardens, a feature often overlooked in lettings despite the stunning examples we came across when trying to find the five best gardens on Lettingweb. If you’ve seen or are letting a property with a better garden than these, let us know and we’ll add it in.

5. Nairn, Highlands – 4 bedrooms £1100

The Surprise Garden


This detached house located on the outskirts of Nairn near Inverness looks like an ordinary cottage from the front but hides a vast garden round the back.

When taken in properly, it’s a large house situated on even larger grounds with a garden that has plenty to discover for kids and adults alike.


If you like the look of the secret garden, enquire about the property here:



4. Costorphine, Edinburgh – 4 bedrooms £2900

The Inner-City Retreat


We’ve gone from a traditional, rural retreat to a modern, stylish city house. This garden right in the centre of Edinburgh adds to this house’s 20th century sensibilities.

The house and its grounds are Grade B listed as they were designed by local architects Morris and Steedman, who even provided decking for you to relax on whilst taking in this beautiful garden.


The gardens here are all around the house, removing the property from the hustle and bustle of the city. Read more:



3. Newtonhill, Aberdeenshire – 11 bedrooms £4250

The Stately Grounds


But it’s back to the country for the third garden on our list. Elsick House by Portlethen outside Aberdeen is a true mansion with 11 bedrooms, a swimming pool, a sauna and a tennis court.

And accompanying this mansion is a full, stately garden with manicured grounds complete with topiary.


With a fountain and extensive room for entertaining, this is a great garden for a summer party and a few games of croquet. Get the full details here:



2. Aucterarder, Perthshire – 5 bedrooms £1950

The Water Feature


By the banks of the River Earn in Perthshire lays the runner-up garden in our list. And the property is certainly special: a country house that’s beautiful on both the inside and out.

The landscaping has been given just as much attention as the building itself, which really shows in this pond with accompanying foliage and decking.


The heron statue really pushed this one up in our list, nicely completing the aquatic theme:



1. Almond, Edinburgh – 6 Bedrooms £2950

The Country Getaway


In the end, it wasn’t hard to choose the No.1 garden on Lettingweb. We’ve covered Humbie House on the blog before, and the grounds really are the standout feature of this property.

Huge and varied, they contain everything you could want from a garden. From a traditional covered well:


to a formal walled garden:


And a seating area in which to relax and take in your lands. Not featured in these pictures are the tennis court, billiards room, views of the Pentland Hills, Aga or any of the other additions that make this a stunning property with an even more stunning garden.



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