5 cultural landmarks in Dundee


It may have narrowly missed out on its City of Culture bid for 2017, but Dundee still has plenty of culture.

At Lettingweb, we were all backing Dundee to edge out Leicester, Swansea and eventual winner Hull to be named City of Culture for 2017.¬† So we were sad to hear that it missed out. But Dundee doesn’t need a title to confirm its status as one of the UK’s best cities for culture, and here are five landmarks that we think underline that:

5. The Law

The extinct volcano at the heart of Dundee’s city centre, the Law is both a beautiful addition to the city’s skyline and an amazing point from which to view Dundee, the Tay and the rest of Fife.

The top of the Law is home to a poignant War Memorial, which is lit with a flame to mark significant dates in Dundee’s military history.

If you’d like a property that lies in the shadow of the imposing Law, this three-bedroom flat could be a great option. Take in the spectacular view up the slope as you leave for work each morning.


4. Broughty Castle

At over 500 years old, Broughty Castle is definitely proof that history isn’t lacking in the City of Discovery. Despite Broughty Castle’s long history, its tactically superior position at the opening of the Firth of Tay means the castle was in only two conflicts.

Its beautiful location and condition – probably a result of the lack of wars in which it was involved – make it a stunning castle to view today.

And there’s plenty of property around it in Dundee’s lovely suburb Broughty Ferry. This two-bedroom house might not be a castle, but it’s probably warmer and has far more protection from the cold North Sea winds:


3. The Universities

Dundee is home to two universities: the University of Dundee and the University of Abertay. The University of Dundee is over 130 years old. Although it spent much of its life as a college of the venerate St. Andrews University down the road, it is now a leading institution for research and teaching.

The University of Abertay is a much younger school and contributes much to Dundee’s reputation as a leading centre of technological and information research with a number of digital-based courses alongside its more traditional programmes.

If you’re thinking of attending either university, you may well end up in a traditional tenement such as this one on Forest Park road, a short walk from either campus:


2. The Tay

It’s rare for a river to completely dominate the landscape of a city as much as the Tay does Dundee, but the river’s presence only adds to the city’s charm. Both bridges across the Firth are engineering and architectural marvels in their own right.

And of course the views are nothing short of spectacular across the river to Newport-on-Tay and out to the North Sea from Broughty Ferry.

We chose a flat that offers views of both bridges from its living room and attached balcony as fitting for admiring Dundee’s famous river:


1. Dundee Science Centre

Dundee’s Science Centre reflects its position at the heart of the UK’s scientific developments. Interactive exhibits focus on learning about life sciences and nerves, as well as robotics -a good subject for encouraging children to take an interest in science.

Having such a resource on your doorstep can help keep your children entertained and engaged, so if you’re looking for a property nearby we’d recommend this lovely semi-detached house on Nesbitt Street:


With plenty to offer even before the upcoming Victoria and Albert development and Waterfront regeneration, there’s plenty to prove that Dundee is a City of Culture, even if it didn’t get the award this time.

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