Is your flat ready for bonfire night?


It’s tempting to hold your own fireworks party instead of attending a public one. If you have your own, you can avoid crowds, spend most of your evening inside a warm flat, freely enjoy sparklers, and you won’t have to waste any hard-earned money on a disappointing hotdog.

But you don’t want your evening to misfire, so do these two things: 1) refer to the three quick tips for safe fireworks below; and 2) check your home insurance policy.

Something to look for in your policy is whether or not your garden and plants are covered. You’ll also need to find out whether your insurance provider offers cover against ‘loss of, or damage to, buildings and contents caused by fire, explosion and/or smoke’ (though the wording may vary). Since levels of coverage will vary widely, make sure to read your policy carefully.

If you don’t have any garden insurance, consider what you could lose if a firework went awry and, if you’re renting, what your landlord could lose.

It’s best you ask your landlord or letting agent for permission before you host a bonfire night, and if there is anything belonging to them in the garden try to keep it safe and secure. If damage occurs and you receive money from a claim, we recommend you put the money aside to reimburse your landlord. And, of course, it’s better to notify your landlord right away if something is damaged instead of waiting until your lease ends.

Provided you pay attention, are careful and don’t take unnecessary risks, your bonfire night should go off without a hitch.

3 quick tips for bonfire night safety

1.   Don’t build a bonfire next to your house, shed or fences

2.   Always ensure that your bonfire won’t collapse, and keep it controlled

3.   Never let off fireworks close to your home or other people (read the safety instructions carefully)

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