Lettingweb’s ultimate property – bedrooms


Each week we’re looking at the best examples of property features on our site to try to determine what the Ultimate Property on the site would look like.

We’ll find our favourite 5 examples of the feature on the site as shortlists then pick the winners to see the ultimate property.

One aspect of a flat that often gets overlooked, despite it being one of the most used, is the bedroom. You might be unconscious for most of the time, but the bedroom is still an important part of your home and (in a shared apartment especially) it can be the only part you really call your own.

So here are our 5 favourite bedrooms on Lettingweb:

5. Penicuik, Midlothian – 4 Bedrooms £1700

The Open Plan


It isn’t the first time that this beautiful property in Penicuik has made the Ultimate Property countdown. It won Best Kitchen a couple of weeks ago. Not quite riding so high this week, but the Master Bedroom in this country lodge is still pretty stunning.

Certainly the biggest bedroom on the list, the chance to sleep right under the A-frame of a traditional house is definitely only going to crop up once in a lifetime. And the bedroom is perfectly decorated as well, with whitewash and light wood keeping that country feel.


Check it out here: http://www.lettingweb.com/4XC9RD

4. Bowden, Melrose – 4 Bedrooms £750

The Colour Match


A delightful cottage near Melrose in the Scottish Borders is home to a tastefully designed effort where you can instantly see the detailed thought that has been applied to the décor. Lilac/purple is the colour at the heart of this room, and the simple yet elegant touches like that dressing table only add to the modern, stylish effect.

Bowden is actually a conservation village, making this an extra special area to rent a flat in. And the property makes excellent use of its attic space with a bedroom/playroom because children do love attics. Plus it has a ‘breakfasting kitchen’.


Don’t take our word for it though, take a look here:  http://www.lettingweb.com/MDPCBC

3. Rhu, Argyll and Bute – 4 Bedrooms £1200

The Traditional


The beautifully named Rhu on the outskirts of Helensburgh is home to the third placed bedroom on our list. The house dates back to around 1850, and the bedroom wonderfully reflects this history and tradition. The dark wooden fireplace, dresser and ornate bed frame transport you back to the Victorian era as you fall asleep.

All of the features in this room look like they may have been there since the property was first built, with the water jug in the fireplace and pictures across the mantelpiece and dresser. All in all, it could be the setting for a living history museum.


More information is available here: http://www.lettingweb.com/2TTKV3

2. Custom House Way, Inverclyde – 1 Bedroom £288

The Nautical Paradise


A great choice for anyone who enjoys the sea or a bit of boat watching, this room in Inverclyde proves that you don’t have to pay extravagant prices to find a unique room in Scotland. And this accommodation, built originally for James Watt College in Greenock, has a real nautical theme to it: the windows angle around the bed so that the sea is all around you when you wake up.

It also has a lighthouse feel and gets a stunning amount of light bouncing around its white walls. Furthermore, the list of extra features you get with this room is impressive: unrestricted Internet, bills and lots more are included in the rent.


This room isn’t just for students, so if you like the look of it: http://www.lettingweb.com/RPEQJA

1. Bridgecastle, Bathgate – 2 Bedrooms £795

The Castle Retreat


With Halloween just passed, it’s fitting that our winning entry is a room in a distinctly gothic looking castle dating back to the 15th century. Located in Bathgate near Livingston, this apartment retains many of its period features, none more so than the vaulted ceiling that makes this bedroom so special.

Truly different from any other bedrooms we came across researching our list, this room offers a great opportunity to get away from the world outside into your own, personal space. And an en-suite bathroom means you need never go back (except to eat). The property also features exposed stonework and is surrounded by 9 acres of grounds to explore.


The bedroom is only part of what makes this a special apartment, so take a look here: http://www.lettingweb.com/7VSZLN

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our rundown of the best bedrooms on Lettingweb. Next week we’re looking at the best views you can find from a rented flat in Scotland.

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