London rents – what does Edinburgh have to offer for the same price?


How much do you stand to gain from making the move up to Edinburgh?

The cost of renting in London has been in the news a fair amount recently with a lot of time given to the plight of renters in the capital as they face ever increasing (and astronomically high to begin with) rents.

As Scotland was recently voted the third best country to visit in the world and Edinburgh is apparently the second best city to live in in the UK, now might be the time to consider upping sticks and getting out of busy, expensive and loud London.

So we decided to take a look at what property you could rent in Scotland’s capital for the same cost as England’s capital. Take a look at the results below:

One bedroom

The average cost of a one-bedroom flat in London is £1016 PCM for Greater London.*

What can you get in Edinburgh?

Well, for a start, you get an extra bedroom (or two extra bedrooms if you don’t mind stumping up £2 extra in rent). The average cost of a two-bedroom flat in Edinburgh is £748, meaning you can have a spare room for guests and an extra £268 in your pocket each month.

Alternatively, you can opt to live in luxury, like in this two-bedroom top floor apartment in Edinburgh’s historic New Town. Two double bedrooms and a spacious, light home throughout, this property in the exclusive West End is both convenient to Haymarket statio and offers excellent views of Donaldson’s College.


View the property here:

Cost: £995 PCM


Two bedroom

A two-bed property in Greater London will set you back £1260 PCM on average.*

What can you get in Edinburgh?

Once again, you can choose to rent a home with an extra bedroom and still save £242 each month in rent since in Edinburgh a three-bedroom property costs on average £1,018. Or, of course, you could live in the luxury apartment listed above and save even more.

But everyone likes having a bit of extra space, and what about entertaining? That’s why we’d recommend going for this three-bedroom apartment in Edinburgh’s desirable Trinity area. You’ll get your own private garden, a master bedroom with an en-suite as well as the main bathroom, two further double bedrooms and main door access. And you’re just down the road from the sea, something no flat in London can offer.


View the property here:

Cost: £1250 PCM


Check out our Edinburgh page for more properties that can offer an alternative to London. And of course, if you look elsewhere in Scotland you get even better value.

*All rent values courtesy of