Why can’t you rent property in video games?


In an economic climate where renting property is increasingly more of an option than buying, why aren’t there any games that feature renting?

With the recent release of GTA V and the imminent arrival of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, a nagging trend is being made more and more clear to us at Lettingweb: the distinct lack of renting in video games.

GTA V consists of the biggest playable world in the series to date and offers more opportunities to invest and make money than ever before. GTA V has probably the broadest range of activities available in any single player video game to date and includes the buying and selling of shares, businesses and other commodities, as well as the opportunity to engage in various jobs and one-off tasks.

Whilst the buying of property is part of the game, the logistics of renting (either as a landlord or a tenant) are completely overlooked; you can neither rent out a home to tenants nor choose to rent instead of buying.

And renting seems to be missing from every other video game being released at the moment even in ‘Life Simulators’ like The Sims.

If we’ve overlooked a game that has renting property in it, tell us about it on our Facebook page. In the meantime, we were thinking about a ‘Letting Agent Simulator 2013’….