How to Avoid Damp and Mould Problems

Damp and mould is a common cause of end of tenancy deposit disputes between tenants, their landlords and managing agents according to Ian Langley, Director at mydeposits Scotland.

It can be difficult to apportion responsibility, meaning prevention is definitely better than cure, which is why mydeposits Scotland has created a best practice guide and video on damp and mould with help from RICS accredited Surveyors, Walker Management.mydep-Scot-damp-and-mould-cover.jpg

The guide can be downloaded for free here and many of our mydeposits Scotland Users have already forwarded it to their tenants. As with all tenancies, good communication is vital. Explaining the causes of damp and mould in your property along with tips on how to prevent it, will avoid potential issues later when your tenant moves out.

The top tips include:

Condensation and moisture:

These are the simple causes of mould growth which happens when warm moist air produced by something as simple as cooking or showering comes into contact with a cold surface like a window or wall.

Without ventilation the warm moisture will remain on the cold surfaces creating the perfect breeding ground for mould, however, it’s not limited to just cold surfaces. Depending on the spread you may also notice furniture and clothes becoming affected too.

There are a few examples of what could cause condensation in properties; these range from a lack of insulation, especially in older properties, cold spots and thermal bridging and the lack of ventilation.

Breaking the mould

The correct balance of heating and ventilation can tackle condensation and therefore prevent the growth of mould. Opening windows and trickle vents along with having a constant temperature in vulnerable rooms are the biggest remedies in tackling damp and mould.

Download the ‘Understanding Damp and Mould’ guide or watch the video below.


Ian Langley
Ian Langley – Director mydeposits Scotland

The guest blog article was contributed by Ian Langley, Director of mydeposits Scotland, a Lettingweb corporate partner. To speak to Ian about helping you with deposit disputes or best practice in the industry, click here.