Webinar – What’s Changed on Lettingweb.com

Following the release of a new version of Lettingweb.com on Tuesday 2 December, we ran a webinar covering some items which have changed. The focus of this release was making the site easier to tenants to use. So while very little has changed from an agent’s perspective, the purpose of this webinar was to showcase the innovations we are continuing to make on the website.

Summary of Changes Shown in Webinar

  • Homepage background image changes every time someone refresh the page. Some of the images generated from community engagement with tenants.
  • Homepage has more attractive looking featured properties.
  • Homepage has better searching options, with dropdowns instead of sliders.
  • Search properties from anywhere on the website
  • Properties now ordered by newest first.
  • In the property details page:
    • Images move by themselves in a slideshow
    • The slideshow is optimised for use on mobiles
    • The image description is back by popular demand

 Video of Webinar – What’s changed on lettingweb.com