Case Study: Government Grant for High Speed Internet

This is a guest post by Tim Pakenham of 9 Dots Consulting, our Corporate Partner for telecoms. This case study highlights how using  9dots Consulting can assist your business from both a financial and service perspective.



9dots consulting is based in Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife and we specialise in bespoke solutions for SME to Sub Corporate level businesses across Scotland and the UK. We deliver a “best fit” package to accommodate fixed line, broadband connectivity and mobile connections. We help over 2,000 businesses across Scotland and are at the forefront of helping membership groups such as the Law Society of Scotland, Charities Buying Group and the National Association of Funeral directors take advantage of developments in our industry and we are delighted to announce the launch of a new alliance with Lettingweb.

Government Connectivity Grant

We were able to assist a notable letting agent in Edinburgh with a full scale audit of their existing telephony and connectivity solutions. When we were first introduced to the company they had multiple providers for their services, causing a very confusing accounting and administrative situation, it was also difficult to diagnose faults.

We were able to consolidate all of their invoice into one easy to manage bill, providing them with one account manager to handle both the telephony and the connectivity. This eased hassle should any issues emerge with the billing or a fault on a line. In conjunction to this we were able to advise them on the best course of action to improve their connectivity.

Their broadband usage had increased substantially in recent months after switching to a cloud based client management system. To remedy this we were able to use the £3,000 government grant to provide a faster and more reliable connection so that they now have a guaranteed connection which can be fixed within hours rather than days.

Their mobile devices are coming out of contract in the autumn and due to the fact we are 02’s number 1 wholesale partner, we are in a great position to also assist in that key area as well.

What Our Clients Say

“At a time when cost control is so vital I was delighted to find that since combining our mobiles and landlines in one contract and switching to 9dots, our costs have fallen by approximately 18% on the previous year. Given that turnover was in fact up slightly this truly is testimony to the savings that can be made. Service levels too have been excellent. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend 9dots to any business.”

– Michael Maloco – Partner – Maloco and Associates

“Our fixed line transfer was completely seamless, as had been promised. Our mobile transfer only saw minor downtime as we were moving to another network and the only signal issue we did have was rectified very quickly by the customer service team. We feel we are truly being looked after by a team that understand our business needs. Along with this the user-friendly online billing software will enable us to save almost 10 working days every year in accounting time.”

-Sheila Hogg – Facilities Manager – Simpson & Marwick

“Following a review of our telephone costs and, very importantly, service levels we transferred our business to 9dots. The key factors for moving were a great reduction in our call and rentals costs including free inter office calls, a dedicated account manager and a detailed on line billing system which was tailored to suit our multi-site requirements. Having provided all the service levels as promised we then transferred our broadband facilities a year later. As a Firm we rely heavily on our telephone and broadband facilities so this was a big step to take but most definitely the right one. I would not hesitate in recommending their excellent services.”

– Judith Darnell – Business Manager – Hardies Property & Construction Consultants

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