Bake Sale Raises £200 for Forth 1 Bed Appeal

Lettingweb’s Bake Sale on Friday 21st August 2015 Raised £200 for the Radio Forth 1 Bed Appeal


Every child desires and deserves to have a bed of his/her own. Sadly, for hundreds of children this is just but a dream, especially in Fife, East Central Scotland, the Lothians and Edinburgh.  Most of them are either sharing with parents and siblings or making a bed on the floor.  As a result, Lettingweb came up with a bake sale on Friday 21st August to help with the ongoing appeal to raise money for the Radio Forth 1 Bed Appeal.

Bake sale organisers

The event was organised by Lynsey McMenemy (Account Manager for Scotland East) with both Tara D’Agostino and Rachel Manclark helping. Members of Lettingweb baked cakes and brought them to the office on that all important Friday.

Who made what?

Suffice to say sumptuous looking delicacies were baked, eye-catching and salivating. The participants included Steven Sibbald, Lettingweb’s Managing Director, who made the most amazing chocolate and crushed biscuit traybake, drizzled with toffee sauce. Hamish Robertson, the company’s Marketing Director was also involved and baked appetizing scones and a beetroot and chocolate cake. On her part, Lynsey McMenemy came up with tasty keylime cakes and a cheesecake as Lee Fitzpatrick, a health fanatic and part time personal trainer, made protein chocolate biscuits (considered experimental by many).


“We had the most wonderful time playing with all kinds of great ingredients and seeing the final baked products,” said Steven Sibbald, “all for a worthy cause.”

Competition galore

As expected, competition was rife at the bake sale.  Most of the competition was over who was the best baker, something that saw Lee Fitzpatrick baking some cakes in advance and as a test run in the process, garnering feedback. Although it wasn’t supposed to start until 1pm, the Lettingweb fraternity had to start selling at 10am because people saw the delicious, appetizing, appealing and yummy cakes. They simply couldn’t resist!

A cake stand was setup on the boardroom table as other tenants in the building were invited to buy fresh cakes. Even the postman and the builders doing work on a nearby building were interested and bought some of the baked delicacies.

Lynsey and Lee visiting our clients with cakes


Lettingweb also took a selection of cakes across the road to one of their clients, Dunpark Property Management, to their delight. “We definitely enjoyed every part of the baking process!” observed Lynsey McMenemy, “seeing our delicious fresh delights being bought and enjoyed was an awesome feeling for everyone involved. The feeling was out of this world, considering the reason for the bake sale was the most noble.”

In total, the simple bake sale raised about £102, enough to buy a bed for one child. Lettingweb also matched the funding by another £100, giving another child the hope of sleeping in a wholly new bed.

The Bed Appeal 2015 is ongoing and seeks to raise over £20,000 to purchase 200 beds for children across East Central Scotland, Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians. You can definitely make a donation now at Bed Appeal 2015.