Rental Property Viewing Checklist

Rental Property Checklist

Whether you’re renting for the first time, or have been caught out in the past by not being prepared with the right info we hope our rental property viewing checklist will ensure you’ve got all the information you need to make the right decision.

Just because your renting a house or a flat, rather than buying it doesn’t mean you don’t need make an informed decision on things such as the local area and amenities, the condition of the property both inside and out and the costs that come with living in it.

Our checklist covers both houses and flats, so just take the questions which apply to your circumstances.

Inside The Property

  • Is the inside of the property in good condition? Are there signs of damp, flaking paint or infestations of any kind?
  • If any repairs need to be carried out, will they be done before the new tenancy?
  • Is all the furniture in good condition?
  • Does all the furniture, which is currently in the property, come with the tenancy?
  • What storage is available? Will there be enough space for your personal belongings?
  • Do all appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers work?
  • What kitchen equipment is included on the inventory?
  • Are you allowed to put up pictures or change the decoration in the property?
  • Is broadband available?
  • Are you allowed to change utility suppliers if you find a better deal?

Outside The Property

  • Is the outside of the property in good condition? Is there anything you can see which could cause a problem further down the line?
  • Is the property secure? Does it have all the appropriate door and window locks?
  • If there is a garden, are you responsible for its upkeep?
  • If there are communal areas, who’s responsible for cleaning?
  • What is the local area like? Will you feel safe returning at night?
  • Does the agent have any knowledge about the neighbours?

Financial considerations 

  • How much is the rent? When is rent due?
  • What other bills are there?
  • What deposit is required?
  • What are the estimated running costs of the property?
  • Are all the above costs within your budget?


  • Make sure you double-check the inventory before you move in and what you think is included.
  • If there are any discrepancies on the inventory when you move in, you inform the letting agent ASAP.
  • Get a copy of the tenancy agreement and make sure you fully understand it
  • Get (and keep) your own signed copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Make a note all metre readings on the day you move in and inform the utility companies of the change of occupancy.