Top Tips for Moving by Yourself

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Is a house move on the horizon? Are you looking at doing the move by yourself? Here are our top tips for moving by yourself, to help create minimum stress on the big day.

  • Ask friends or family to help. There are lots of jobs that people can assist with, not just moving boxes – volunteers could drive cars or vans, make tea/coffee, do your first “supermarket run” to stock the new fridge, make dinner for everyone…
  • Be realistic when you estimate how long moving will take, then add a bit more time on. It always takes longer than you think.
  • Think about meals/snacks in advance. If you don’t, people will get grumpy with hunger, and you could end up having to stop to go out for something to eat, which will cause delays. Either prepare something easy like sandwiches in advance, or plan to get takeaway pizzas etc so that you can have a break without too much of an effect on your schedule.
  • Think about parking – will you be able to easily park outside for unloading? If not, look into whether you can apply for special permission from your local council to load and unload (there may be a small charge for this, and you’ll need to apply well in advance). If you’re successful, you may be able to have an area outside your property coned off specifically for your use.
  • If you’re hiring a van, get several quotes and don’t simply go for the cheapest. Sometimes the least expensive option is at an out of town depot, which means you will need to factor in how to get there and back, and the extra travelling time. Think through the implications before you book, you may find that it is worth a few extra pounds to go for an easier, rather than cheaper, option.
  • Round up several sets of keys for each property – that way you can have friends or family helping without you personally needing to be there at all times
  • Make sure valuable or fragile items are kept to one side so they can be moved by someone you trust to take extra care or by you yourself.

Good luck with the move!