Getting Your Deposit Back

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How to Get Your Deposit Back

Let’s face it- moving house isn’t cheap. You have the movers to pay, possibly storage costs to consider, maybe some last minute reparative DIY and whatnot.  The biggest expense, however, is likely to be the deposit on your new flat.

Paying a deposit when you move into a new flat is a way of making sure that the landlord can be properly compensated should there be any costs incurred during your tenancy.  This isn’t a reflection on your fine character, it’s standard practice in the industry.   When you pay your deposit, it is held by a third party until you end your lease and move out.  So, the question becomes – how can you make sure you get your full deposit back?


The most common reason that tenants don’t get their full deposit amount back is that the landlord needs to hire professional cleaners to clean the property after you move out.  When you’re doing your final clean make sure you’re thorough and meticulous!  Pull the furniture out and clean underneath, dust the skirting boards, clean the oven, wash your windows – anything that doesn’t move, clean it!  Anything that does move, consider cleaning it and underneath it as well.

Rent Arrears

Another common reason for money being deducted from your deposit is having outstanding rent due.  Before you end your lease make sure that you’ve paid all your rent in full. Remember that your last payment might be a different amount than usual if you are paying for a partial month.


When you move into a flat it’s important to make sure you have a full inventory from your landlord as this will prevent any disputes when you move out.  You don’t want to enter a prolonged custody battle over an end table.


The last, and probably biggest, reason for not getting your full deposit back is damage to the property.  It’s best to always alert your letting agent to any damage as soon as it happens rather than waiting until you move out.  The cupboard door that fell off during your first week in the flat may have become part of the furniture to you, but it’ll be fairly noticeable to the people inspecting the property.

So, if you keep your flat clean, intact, and pay your rent you shouldn’t have any problems getting your deposit back.  Just remember that it’s always best to talk to your letting agent as soon as problem arises rather than waiting until a possibly stressful move!