Finding Your Dream Home in 2017

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How to Find Your Dream Home in 2017

A new year, a new start, a new home?  Lettingweb is here to help you make sure this is the year you find your dream home.  Here are our top tips for making that a reality.

Make the most of Lettingweb 

Lettingweb has lots of tools you can use to make sure you’re one step ahead of the property search game;

  • First, create an account so you can share your searches with your potential flatmates, significant other, or anyone with a vested interest in making sure you’re living somewhere nice. This will make finding a property much easier and avoids endless conversations like “I liked that one.  You know the one, that one with the doors.  You’ll know it when you see it” and so on.  You can also save your favourite properties to have a closer look at later.
  • Second, many of our properties provide you with the true cost of renting – make sure you look at this! A home may be beautiful, but if you can’t afford it month to month it will turn out to be more of a nightmare than a dream.
  • Third, refine you search to find exactly what you’re looking for. There are lots of filters you can use to make sure you don’t need to scroll through hundreds of properties that know you won’t like or aren’t what you are looking for.
  • Fourth, are you looking for your next family home? Make sure to check out the school catchment areas!  You can find out what catchment areas the property falls in, the pupil to teacher ratio in each school and the school’s capacity.

What you want v what you need

We’re going to delve into this further in a later blog, but it’s an important step to finding that elusive dream home.  A dream home isn’t just one with nice fixtures and fittings, or one in a nice area – it has to have the full package.  In order to figure out what the full package is, you’ll need to distinguish what you want from what you need.  Yes, that authentic wood burning fire in the living room is nice, but do you really need it?  Is it worth the extra expense, and is it a good idea if you have pets or young children?  Its time to be realistic.  Conversely, you may not want to pick a property close to your workplace, but do you need to?  Is it the sensible choice?

Your dream home doesn’t need to be a spectacular palace on a hill – it could end up being a series of compromises that lead to your property making your life happy and stress free.

Best of luck with your search, and remember, we’re here to help!