Featured Agent: E.L.T Lettings Ltd

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Today we’re shining the spotlight on E.L.T Lettings Ltd. Having recently moved to a larger premises in Larkhall, we caught up with Cheryl and Yvonne to hear more about their growing business. 

Q1. Tell us a little about yourself, your business, and what kind of properties you handle. 

Both directors have over 20 years’ combined experience in the property industry. We opened in September 2015 believing that we could better the services to landlord & tenants. We have experienced first-hand how things can go wrong and, being landlords ourselves, we know what we should expect from an agent.  

We have had great success since opening with our business rapidly expanding through word of mouth and winning several gold awards for customer experience, namely best agent in South Lanarkshire!

Q2. What made you get into the property business? 

Our families have been in the property business for over 50 years, between being landlords and building contractors so we just fell into the business and love it!

Q3. What is your favourite property you’ve had? 

This is a very difficult question. We manage a variety of properties throughout the West of Scotland but we manage barn conversions in the Countryside and they are very unique & peaceful!

Q4. What’s the best thing about the area you operate in? 

We like that all the locals are very friendly. It’s a small town but bustling during the day, always someone popping in for a cuppa, which we love!

Q5. What advice would you give to someone looking for a rental property? 

We would always urge any tenants to ensure their new home is compliant and safe for them to live in – this is of utmost importance! Also ask what costs are involved when moving in, try to find out information on your new landlord and/or agent!

Q6. What did you do before you got into this business? 

Cheryl joined lettings & sales straight from school and prior to joining the industry, Yvonne worked in the family businesses.

Q7. What would be a good night out in your area? 

We are close to the Radstone Hotel which is beautiful and the food is delicious. They also hold fab party & tribute nights throughout the year!

You can keep up with E.L.T Lettings on Facebook and you can click here to view their properties on Lettingweb.