Reducing the risk while keeping the letting industry moving

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At Lettingweb we have deployed, and are working around the clock to rapidly improve our technology to help allow you to continue your letting business during these periods of isolation, starting with these three easy steps:

  1. Pre-recorded Viewing 

Pre-recorded video viewings which are uploaded to the Lettingweb portal are a fantastic way to generate interest from potential tenants, and it couldn’t be easier – all you need is a smartphone!

These virtual viewings will allow potential tenants to view and register interest from the comfort of their own homes.


Following recent Government guidance we suggest filming these videos as soon as possible before any potential more stringent country-wide lockdown is imposed, as places like Italy have seen.

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  1. Prescreen tenants using MyRentalCV

Virtual viewings will help dramatically reduce the number of physical viewings needed to let a property, but to protect landlords against risk of tenancy being voided under distance selling legislation, current advice is that a tenant should still physically view the property before signing the lease. We understand that a “Remote Real-time Viewing” via video call should also tick the box and cover you from this risk and so this may end up being the most appropriate way to operate during this partial lockdown.

However, to further reduce risk of undertaking any unnecessary physical, or Remote Real-time viewings, we would recommend you pre-screen tenants to check they are indeed suitable applicants for the property in question.

To help facilitate this during the crisis, we have set our new platform up so that Lettingweb member firms can invite enquiring tenants to get a free MyRentalCV, and once they have completed this will allow them to apply to undertake a viewing pre-screened. This should allow you as the agent to communicate with the most suitable tenants, and to move them from enquiry stage to a physical viewing (guidelines permitting), or a Remote Real-time Viewing with comfort that they are pre-referenced before signing a tenancy. Member firms also have the ability to digitally sign leases remotely on the platform using docusign and we will be working hard to improve this functionality for you during the crisis.

This will not only help cut down the number of actual or real-time viewings and the amount of direct personal interaction required to be performed, but also ensures the rental process can hopefully continue to operate during the current government restrictions being advised.

This can be done through the new Lettingweb platform, River LPM.  If you are still on the legacy platform, the team can help transition you across and help you with remote training on how to use. Email us today at to get started.

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  1.  Remote Real-time Viewings

Once you have identified the ideal candidate(s) for the property using MyRentalCV, you can still show them in person or, as mentioned above, it’s possible to do it via a Remote Real-time Viewing. These can be performed by your agents who can do a one-on-one viewing over video call on platforms such as ZoomWhatsApp or FaceTime – whatever they are most comfortable with using. This type of viewing is now being suggested by industry experts, Read here:

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